Brief CV

1. Current position

Postdoctoral Fellow, Zukunftskolleg, University of Konstanz

2. Previous appointments

  • ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Arts, Languages and Cultures & Data Analytics and Society CDT, The University of Manchester (10/2018–10/2019)
  • Akademischer Mitarbeiter (Teaching and Research Associate), Department of Linguistics, University of Konstanz (4/2017–9/2018)
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Linguistics and English Language, The University of Manchester (2014–2016)

3. Qualifications

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Linguistics), The University of Manchester (2014–2018)
  • Master of Arts (Cognitive Science with a minor in Mathematics), University of Helsinki (2008–2010)
  • Bachelor of Arts (English Philology with a minor in Latin), University of Helsinki (2009–2013)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Cognitive Science with minors in Theoretical Philosophy and Mathematics), University of Helsinki (2005–2008)

4. Other relevant educational experience

5. Publications


6. Conference presentations


7. Software written

Here. (Well, some of it.)

8. Courses taught

  • Quantitative Methods in Historical Linguistics (Konstanz, Summer 2018)
  • Historical Linguistics (Konstanz, Winter 2017–2018)
  • Typology (Konstanz, Winter 2017–2018)
  • Semantics I (Konstanz, Summer 2017)
  • Varieties of English (Konstanz, Summer 2017)

9. Languages

  • Native (can write a poem): Finnish
  • Advanced (can write research papers): English
  • Intermediate (can do business at the Bürgerbüro): German, Spanish
  • Beginner (can order a cup of coffee): French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish
  • Research (can read an obscure text in a dead language): Latin, Old and Middle English

10. Computing skills

  • Programming languages (active): C++, Julia, R
  • Programming languages (passive): Fortran, Java, Perl, Python
  • Markup: XML, XPath, XSLT
  • Statistics: R (advanced), SPSS (basics)
  • Mathematics: Maxima
  • Phonetics: Praat (basics)
  • Publishing: LaTeX, knitr, HTML, CSS, Hugo
  • High-performance computing: GridEngine, HTCondor
  • Operating systems and scripting: UNIX/Linux, Bash
  • Workflow management: git, make


In my spare time I mostly dabble at music (early music & jazz), coffee making and photography.

About this website

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